Wednesday, August 31, 2011

moving on.

moving has been such an interesting process. you pack things you like. you throw away things you hate. you give away things you hate but someone else may like. and it all really boils down to the fact that we all have a lot of stuff.

i am included in this generalization. i have a lot of stuff. when tyler and i were given the choice between a 1 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom apartment for $50 more, we went with the 1 bedroom. why the heck would we do that?

do YOU have a room you really don't need but you use to store stuff you like/hate/should have given away years ago? should ty and i really have more than "1 bedroom" worth of stuff when we both will (eventually) be sleeping in that 1 bedroom and living in the 1 living space, cooking in the 1 kitchen, walking down the 1 hallway?

i am not passing judgement on folks who have more bedrooms, square footage, or even more money than tyler and i. simply, i wonder if we'll look back and wish we would have taken the 2 bedroom. or perhaps we will love what we have with no looking back?

as of now, we have yet to regret simplifying. it felt amazing to sell things on craigslist, make goodwill runs, and essentially get rid of 2 dumpsters full of garbage. the extra $50 a month doesn't suck either.

are you content with the space you have and the things you've filled it with? is less truly more?

i hope so. we signed a 1 year lease. :)