Friday, May 11, 2012

#belowtheline, day five

my colleagues say that it's time to re-throw away the rest of the dumpster doughnuts. they're pretty gooey (yet crusty and dry) from living in a crowded garbage bag for three days (though we did re-bag them before bringing them to the office.) i read the other day that on average, each of us sends our own body weight’s worth of food to the trash each year. can you believe that? 

technically, we're composting the d-nuts so it feels a tiny bit better.  still feels wrong though, like it's against my better survival judgement.

there's just so much to say about the lack of food for all humans.  the bill & melinda gates foundation was built upon the belief that every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life.  so on this last LBL day as i schedule meetings, book international travel, and reconcile expenses, my growling tummy reminds me i'm working for a greater good. we're working for, who we call, "the boss" -- shown below:

tyler just sent me a link to a cnn article that proved to be most ironic... apparently, today is "national eat what you want day." wow.

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  1. There is a line in Tinie Tempah's hip hop hit "Written in the Stars" that gets me every time: "They say the money is the route to the evilest ways, but have you ever been so hungry it keeps you awake, mate? Now my hunger would leave 'em amazed." I always shivered because I'm pretty sure any time hunger has attempted to keep me awake at night, i went right upstairs to get a bowl of Lucky Charms.