Monday, May 7, 2012

#belowtheline, day one

we started off day one of five by waking up early to cook our breakfast and lunch.  breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs (two for each of us) and a dab of whole milk.  tyler makes the best eggs (even without salt or oil) so he took care of that while i prepared the pasta and sauce.

if you know me, you know i love pasta.  mostly plain pasta with butter, maybe some pesto... i could eat it every day, all day.  i make it quite often.  so i threw 2.5 cups in some boiling water and continued to get ready for the day.

forgot to set a timer.  whoops.

as i strained the grains, i accidentally dropped some of said-overcooked pasta on the kitchen floor.  i picked it up and threw it back in the pot.  (don't judge me - you would have done the same!)

at work, i enjoyed a snack of 1/2 banana and some peanut butter and gulped down my overcooked pasta with sauce.  felt pretty good, albeit a little tired.

more out of boredom than anything, i did drink almost a gallon of water.

my spirits are high.  my blood sugar levels are stable.  and the chances i'll cheat before tyler gets home remain low.

off to boil my lentils. (water) cheers!

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