Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#belowtheline, family

morale was high at the office today after carting in the 12lb bag of doughnuts.  I'd say we went through about 3-4lbs today between my LBL colleagues and a couple of my coworkers who were not LBLer but ate  one or two anyway.  (yes, these non-LBLers were fully aware the d-nuts were from a dumpster.)

a friend from high school asked me on facebook "What if someone who is actually below the poverty line was waiting for em?"  i thought about that but not until after i had already grabbed the entire bag.  i do wonder if i had found the bag in a developing country... would i have taken the whole thing? would i have taken only what i needed and left the rest for others?  would i have taken the bag and NOT shared it with anyone else outside of my family?

family.  there's something i've been thinking a lot about.  when i told my sister that i was participating in the living below the line challenge, she said she got teared up thinking about not being able to adequately feed her 2 month old son. this is a reality that millions of mothers live with.  while tyler and i don't have kids yet, i  still have a family.  i've found myself giving tyler food off my plate, even if it means being hungry myself.  i don't say this to sound noble but rather to express the deep need to care for others, no matter the personal cost.  how painful it must be to not be able to give adequate food to your child.

my fellow LBLer, Lea, said something that rings true: "It's not pleasant being hungry most of the day... but I'm humbled at the twisted luxury of feeling it by choice." 

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