Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#belowtheline, diving

after my dinner of plain pasta and 1/2 cup of milk, i was itching for something sweet. i had heard that top pot doughnuts was notorious for neatly triple-bagging their leftover baked goods and stashing them in an almost-empty dumpster on top of queen anne.  it was time to investigate myself.

the result? 41 beautiful doughnuts (that's over three dozen!) some with pink icing, others with chocolate toppings, and lots with sugar glaze... sweet, sweet sugary glaze.


Even though it's in the rules to steal from people's gardens and dumpster dive, this felt a bit like cheating. I've decided to limit myself to one per day (trust me, i want 4.) and will definitely be bringing our spoils into the office for my other LBTL friends.

UPDATE: as of 8:57pm, 2 hours post-doughnut binge, i have a major headache.  guess my body wasn't ready for all that sugar right away...

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