Thursday, May 10, 2012

#belowtheline, day four

today marks the first day i woke up hungry.  likely had to do with the fact that tyler and i were out late at a concert downtown.  or the fact that i'm only consuming about 700-800 calories per day.  as i mentioned on facebook, standing up for 4+ hours on $1.50 of food proved to be challenging.

also challenging: the aroma of beer permeating throughout the music venue.  i wonder how many people around the world chose beer over food? i know i was tempted. not that we had enough money left anyway.

yesterday we bought another dozen eggs and three bananas.  one of my LBL coworkers, lorna, gave us two carrots she bought in exchange for an extra doughnut. another LBL colleague brought us a big bag of kale from her garden which i bought from her for the 10 cents worth of seed money.  this puts us at $14.48 out of $15.00.

what could we buy for 42 cents?

on our walk down to work, i spotted some gems on the sidewalk:

tyler wouldn't let me take the wilted greens though.  he reminded me of the carrot i have to look forward to.

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  1. the monks of old used to use beer to keep their caloric intake up during fasting, some beers, specifically bock beers contain upwards of 300 calories per 12 oz. They managed to do this of course by making all of their own beer.